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Community Leadership on the Environment, Advocacy, and Resilience (CLEAR Miami) Program Application

To apply as a participant for CLEAR Miami, fill out this form below.  All fields are required.

Please contact Mayra Cruz at MayraC@catalystmiami.org or (786) 527-2573 if you have any questions.

Full Name

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Zip code

Birthdate (Month / Day / Year)


Are you a parent or guardian of children that would be interested in the youth class (ages 4-13)?

If yes, how old are the children and what are their names?

Are you a parent or guardian of a teen that would be interested in the adult class?

If yes, how old are the teens and what are their names? They should also fill out their own separate application.

Are you in need of transportation?

Other employment:


Highest Level of Education Completed
College DegreeSome CollegeDiploma or GED
Other: Highest grade completed:

Race/Ethnic Background
Black/African-AmericanWhite/CaucasianHispanicAsian/Pacific IslanderAfro-Caribbean
Other race/ethnic background:

Are you affiliated with any organizations?
If yes, please name them:

Briefly discuss an issue that concerns you most about climate change in our community (required)

What skills would you like to take away from our leadership program? What are your goals? (required)

Are there any challenges that would prevent you from completing the selected program? (required)

How did you hear about us (required)

Thank you for your answers and your interest in participating in CLEAR Miami!

To be included as a program participant, you must successfully complete a selection process. Filling out this application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Catalyst Miami will be in touch with you regarding next steps. Thank you!