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This Miami-Dade County focused program will provide graduates with a groundwork to become climate resilience educators, leaders, and innovators in their own communities and beyond. Participants will develop a deep understanding of climate science, local climate change threats, and solutions.

If you have questions, please contact Zelalem Adefris at ZelalemA@catalystmiami.org or 786-414-1300.



The CLEAR Toolkit can be found at https://catalystmiami.org/catalyst-miami-releases-clear-toolkit/.


CLEAR Miami is no longer hiring for any positions. However, you may apply as a CLEAR Miami general participant by following the instructions above.


Cohort 5

Alex Ruiz, Alexander Zastera, Ana Fiotte, Analisa Duran, Angelica Wegman, Brent Saiontz, Brian Diaz, Candida Medrano, Daphne Scotese, Deborah Vazquez, Gabriela Barrocas, Gabriela I. Rosado, Hannah Loop, Heather Tedlow, Jeanette Ruiz, Joan Braun, Joshua Linenfelser, Keta Burke Williams, Lina Castaneda, Lisa Avron, Lynn A Williams, Melvin Ferguson, Michele Lozano, Nyame Nti Nsibienakou-Fawohodie, Shannon C Jones, Silvia Cubides, Stephanie Menendez, and Thomas Weidemeyer Jr.

Cohort 4

Abigail Calixte (youth), Andrea Cuccaro, Ashley Preval (youth), Delinxson Cesar (youth), Elijah Cesar (youth), Erica Rigaud (youth), Hillary Alcenat (youth), Israel Alva (youth), Jania Alty (youth), Jessica Spain, Joanna Joseph (youth), Jonas Perjuste (youth), Juley Georges (youth), Julia Dankanich, Kevin Etienne (youth), Kendal R. Norfleet, Laura Aguirre, Leyla Nicolas (youth), Luz Alcenat (youth), Margaly Maximus, Marie Sanon (youth), Naika Cesar (youth), Olivia Eliabe (youth), Ovida Alya, Ralph Polynice (youth), Redgine Polynice (youth), Ryan Paul (youth), Sammy Sevigne, and Shania Rigaud (youth).

Cohort 3

Alaina Leonard (youth), Anita I. Jiro, Ashley Moncrieft, Barry Smith, Bobby Hyde, Dhorka Gonell Bautista, Jamilah Ali (youth), Jassel Tavarez (youth), Jayden Medal (youth), Joshua Medal (youth), Elijah Oliver (youth), Laverne Ellie-Scott, Laverne P. Holliday, Liz Auguste, Marie Auguste, Melissa Ross, Michael Hu, Monique Manalang-Ruiz, Pedro Porro, Sabrina Xiao, Vanessa Salcedo, Wendy Doscher-Smith, Yader Medal, Yamil Rivera, and Yamile Aponte.

Cohort 2

Alison Lee, Alissa Farina, Aneese Williams, Anne Bao, Aram Spendjian, Casey Mullen, Daniel Zavala, Danielle E Ungermann, Guerline Bruno, JC Benoit (youth), Katerina Friderici, Kelly Mullen, Leslie Chasser, Lyn Miller, Louise Potash, Maria Ruiz Mariposa, Megan Conyers, Nika Benoit (youth), Niki Herrysha Benoit, Phalange Brutus, and Stacy Assael.

Cohort 1

Anayiah Collie (youth), Bereatha Howard, Breanna Richards (youth), Clifford Chery, Eve Bruno, Francoise Cham, Heather Smith, Jason Pizzo, Katherine Madrigal, Keisha Gabbidon, Laurie Scop, Lupe Joy, Linda Sippio, Michael Clarkson, Michael Hepburn, Miranda Goot, Paulette Richards, Quinton Parrish, Summer Godfrey (youth), and William Quinlan.a