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Why Miami Should Support the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013

  Past national legislative efforts to raise the minimum wage have been unsuccessful, even though a great majority of our...
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Under a False Sense of Normalcy: The Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

How does one endure a society in which race, attire, and body language make up the criteria for the identification...
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Miami Residents face challenges in Health Insurance Marketplace and beyond

By Daniella Levine, JD, MSW On October 1st, the federal government will open up a new health insurance marketplace where...
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In the News

How can the humanities help address sea level rise?

By: Jennifer Lacayo The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has chosen FIU’s History Department in theSteven J. Green School...
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Public Allies Miami Joins Miami Children’s Initiative at Fun Friday Service Day in Liberty City

Contact: Carla Moreira Strickland WHO: Public Allies CEO Adren Wilson, Miami-Dade County Deputy Mayor Russell Benford, Public Allies Miami Class...
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Report Finds Miami-Dade County Unprepared for the Extreme Effects of Climate Change

According to independent research, no state in the nation is more economically vulnerable to rising sea levels than Florida. Yet,...
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our core values represent what we believe in,
and how we approach everything we do.


We lead by example. We aim high and follow a shared vision with defined needs and priorities. We believe leaders are humble, accountable, inspirational, passionate, ethical, and credible.


We adapt to change while identifying and maximizing resources. We are flexible, reflective, and inclusive. We act purposely and creatively to achieve results.


We work together. We believe that we are successful when internal and external silos are shattered. We share resources and acknowledge and appreciate the assets in others.

Self empowerment

We value one another by growing, realizing, and recognizing the power within ourselves. We seek knowledge, opportunity, and discovery.


We value the intrinsic worth of humanity. We value others by being actively empathetic: giving support, offering time, being flexible, and showing respect.


In the last year, the Prosperity team helped 5,443 clients access imperative financial and health services. We helped families move toward comprehensive household wellness by offering non-predatory financial products, financial coaching, free tax preparation, benefits enrollment, healthcare access, and more.


In the last year, we enrolled 268 participants in our two-generation leadership development programs. Participants learned about effective leadership, policy advocacy, project design, and how to affect social change in their communities. They represented several neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County.


In the last year, we convened over 700 residents through our summits and gatherings. We advocated for local, state, and national anti-poverty policies through direct actions, communications efforts and community convenings. Our multi-stakeholder partnerships enabled us to develop several reports and tools that facilitated the engagement of residents and organizations in policy advocacy. We weaved networks that increased collaboration and strengthened the social justice movement in South Florida.

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